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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  May 22, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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the pacific northwest. they set out 171 years ago today. when news breaks out we'll breck in the dow is up today only 10 but looks good. here's cavuto and the top of the news. >> the president is in coopertown, new york, celebrating the baseball hall of fame, as the va hospital controversy gets uglier and more infamous. to republican senator john mccain who says the president is dropping the optic ball and much more on this. welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto. before we ghetto republican senator, listen to what a member of the president0s own party had to say. >> the was no urgency. mr. president, we need-under generals si. we need you to roll up our sleeves and get into the hospitals. >> to arizona republican senator john mccain who agrees. what is making this scandal
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resonate is that it's getting bipartisan bashing, including that democratic congressman who says this is inexcusable. how big do you think this is? >> i think it's a centipede with lots of shoes yet to drop. we're hearing of 26 different va hospitals around the country with allegations to varying degree of failure to meet the needs of the veterans, and coverups, and it's a scandal that is not going to go away, my friend. >> now, the argument for these delays, the president touched on it yesterday, they've been going on for 0 long time, hey if improved things but it takes time. what did me mean by that and was he just trying to spread the blame around? >> i love modern technology where you can replay individuals
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and particularly office holder's words when the president was running in 2008, he made these commitments about going to eliminate the delay and we would have a new va, and i said that we had to give flexibility to the veterans to get the care at the places they felt they could get it best. that was, of course, downplayed. then the president talked in 2009, '10, '11, about all the great things they were doing, and 201 said that everything was -- 2012 said that everything was fine with the va and remarkly well over a month before he had anything to say about this latest scandal. finally, neil, he sent his deputy chief of staff to phoenix, arizona to look at the situation at the va hospital. he didn't send an expert on health care. he didn't send a veteran that really knows about health care. he sent one of his chief
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political operatives, showing what he views this crisis as and what it really is. >> speaking of political operate advertise. we locked at the president's schedule today, day after he said he was furious and wanted to get to the bottom of this, and besides cooperstown and the baseball hall of fame, he has a political fundraiser tonight at a private home for some senate democrats in chicago, a followup one after that. nothing in his schedule today veterans-related. now, maybe not be too transparent but do you think a day after making such a big stink out of this, he should be doing any of this stuff? >> well, i don't -- honestly i can't make that judgment on a schedule for one day. what i can say that weeks ago, this scandal broke. i had with one of the local
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stations in arizona, kfyi, a gathering of veterans where four women stood up and talked about how their husbands or fathers died for lack of care. one of the most moving experiences i've ever had. maybe the president should get in contact with these people who have literally lost their loved ones because of the alleged and apparent -- >> you're right, senator. we'll be speaking to a sister of a deceased veteran who knew this. but i -- >> shouldn't the president be talking to them and getting their stories he would have some backgrounds on how serious this situation is? >> i mentioned the president today. it came in prior incidents. after benghazi we don't know what the president new when put we know what he did next day
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after the ambassador was killed, going to a political fundraiser in las vegas. a lot of political strategists says does that give you good optics? does it hurt you just the way it looks? i know you're not big on appearances, don't care, but do you think it resonate with veterans that he is not doing anything that follows up on his anger today that he expressed yesterday? >> well, first of all, on the benghazi thing, we know the night before he was never in the situation room. great baier found that out in an interview with the staff. i believe that the president does not really yet understand the depth of anger that is out there. otherwise i think he would be acting far more pro-actively. >> maybe he doesn't get angry. there's something of the no drama obama line. you know him far better.
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is in a sense it's not in miss makeup, his dna, to get excitable. it's not in his nature to come bursting out and shouting. what do you think? >> well, leadership is what we expect of our presidents, and when you're faced with a breakdown on probably what is one of our most sacred obligations, going back to abraham lincoln's charge to us, take care of the widow and the child and the wounded, then if that is -- that deserves to be excited about. that deserves to be -- to call a meeting in the white house and say, especially with our veterans, with other organizations, especially with eaters who have dealt with these issues to my knowledge so far he has not reached out to those people who can come up with some of the solutions because it's clearly a problem. now there may be some debate about how serious the problem
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is, whether 40 people actually died or not but it's irrefutable the veterans have been denied the care we promiseed them, and that seems, to me to have escaped the president of the united states' attention and that's not acceptable to most americans. >> your daughter,ing me an mccain, was speaking to larry king and the subject of what karl rove said about hillary clinton, the brain damage comment you have heard about. she found his comments disgusting, says she still hates karl rove. do you? >> i don't hate karl rove at all. the campaign officers -- >> how about his comment -- the brain damage -- >> first of all, i think it was a mistake because all those things will be subject of a lot of scrutiny from people who are a lot less partisan than karl
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rove is. as far as my daughter's emotions are concerned, it's the family members that take these things the hardest, and the was a campaign in south carolina that still -- i've moved past it -- >> she has not. she has not, senator. and she clearly blames karl rove for that defeat in that primary that ultimate hi doomed your presidential prospects that year. do you ever talk to her and say, honey, i love you dearly but don't say this stuff 0, she can say and do whatever she wants. >> well, she is an adult, and we have spirited discussions but i don't try to tell her what to do. i also know from my past experience that family members seeing their loved ones damaged always take it harder than the individual themselves. i love my daughter immense limit don't always agree with her and
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it's healthier we depth agree sometimes. but i appreciate her perspective on her generation. i've learned a lot from heir. >> senator, always a pressure. i agree, kid is never with you 100%. i'm lucky if i get 10%. give me best to megan. >> thank you, my friend. >> the senator pointed this out. now the next guest is suing the veterans administration claiming the delayed care cost her brother his life. he had a small spot on his for hed when he went the seattle veteran hospital in 2011. it was confirmed cancerous but hundred he finally got the appointment to be removed four months later, it had turned cancerous. with me now, mr. douglas' sister and an attorney. connie, i'm very sorry under these circumstances, but if i
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understand correctly, your brother had had liver cancer, liver removal, liver transplant? >> he had a liver transplant as a result of the cancer. >> okay. >> the fear was when you're talking drugs after a liver transplant, you're more prone to infections, immunity is low. doctors discovered the scar, wanted it removed pronto, but the log time was dangerous and ultimately fatal. did the doctors remind been -- how did it get to be so long? >> it was the same administration that did the liver transplant so they were very aware that the referral had to be handled immediately and that the removal of the spot had to be handled immediately, and they didn't do the removal of the spot at the va hospital.
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they referred to the university of washington. it was the referral itself that didn't happen. so my brother just assumed the referral would be rapid and he actually went in after the weeks when the referral had not happened, he went -- i think he was in the va for an appointment and he went into the woman who was to handle the referral, and told her that he was a traps plant patient, it was a matter of live and death, that cancer spreads rapidly, and she was not very nice to him and she was frightful. >> really. >> she wasn't -- didn't seem very appreciative he was trying to progress the referral. >> so, in other words, he was passing on the-under generals si of the matter. jessica, there's this other issue and as her counsel maybe you can help me. the agency reportedly kept a list of those who were waiting, whether waiting to die or just
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waiting for treatment but that it was a separate list. do you know whether he was on that list? >> i don't believe that's a problem with the va in put sound. we defendant have any evidence either way there were lists kept in washington. we know this was a delay that was -- almost seemed purposeful delay that actually caused the untimely death of my client. >> so back to you, connie, the four months were crucial because of the delay and time was awaisting for your brother, had cancer, prone to this sort of thing. so you argue and he argued when he was alive, come on, help, fast. >> right. so, he would call me every couple of weeks and say, connie, they haven't processed my referral yet, and you have to be a squeaky wheel, and he was almost afraid to as the time
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grew because of the behavior of this individual. she was not helpful. >> was in there any temptation to good outside the va? i've got a problem. they're dragging their feet. i have to act on my own. settle the financial matters later. put i think i could be dying here. >> well, he actually had other insurance. he was going through the va because he was instructed to go through the va because of his transplant, and -- >> so, going to somewhere else was not an option for him? >> it could have been an option, but he was instructed to stay with the va because of the transplant, because they needed to monitor his medical issues. so, we finally did good around them, but we had no reason to believe that there should be a delay. we had no reason to believe that
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they wouldn't process the referral, and it just kept going on and on and on. finally we did good around and then it was too late. >> what do you think ultimately happens with the suit, jessica? >> i believe the evidence in our case is very strong. we have documented in his medical records the delay. he was still treating at the va for his liver transplant and it's documented in the medical records that he still awaiting his surgery. so i think this will be very successful. >> lady, we'll watch close the. connie, my deepest simple this. hang in there. >> thank you for having us. ng so, i'm walking down the street, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering just you know walking, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering and i found myself in the middle of this parade honoring america's troops. which is actually quite fitting because geico has been serving the military for over 75 years. aawh no, look,
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first the shock, then the shakeup to the hill on feedback what could be untimely news for vulnerable democrats this fall. >> first of all what we did at
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the hill is a survey of when state insurance commissioners are going to be publishing the prices for obamacare's exchanges. that is all happening over the next six months right as the mid-term election season heats up. what we found is some of these vulnerable democratic senators are going to have the premiums released and if they are a significant increase, republicans are going to be able to hammer them for the rest of the election cycle. >> the question is how many other close races could that potentially tip? right now we know it's looking pretty good for republicans who have focused on the healthcare will you as being their sort of cause celeb going into november, enough to increase their majority in the house, potentially the senate. is there anything you have seen in those numbers that makes republicans more confident that they will in fact have enough to
1:19 pm
take the senate? >> it's difficult to say what premiums will do in each state. their a handful of states that have released the prices like virginia, washington state, arizona, indiana. we have seen modest increases, 10%, not enough for in the doppler -- >> it's my fault. is there a rid quo pro for states with hikes and probable hems and that state's democratic incumbent in trouble? >> absolutely. if there are significant premium hikes that will give the republicans a chance to hammer the been democrats, baby like mary landrieu, mark pryor, if the obamacare prices go unsignificantly. >> the counter-thought on democrats are people are getting used to the story -- they're real -- premium increases and
1:20 pm
they're happy when they stop going up at double-digit rates. americans have so built in an expectation this thing is like stink on steroids, that it's no longer stinking on stare erode and won't be as -- steroids and are not as angry. >> americans will get imcreases in their medical care who they're obamacare or not. americans see their healthcare price dozen up every year so it's unlikely with the modest increases those will register politically with people on the exchanges. only significant increases bet people upset, and those people will have the toppings move to different machines that might be cheaper. >> elysee, you have been on top of this, thank you. forget the cost. you have a problem with obamacare? it's about color. >> people who made up their mind
1:21 pm
that they don't want it to work because they don't like the presidenis of the wrong color. >> i found it very offensive that you would basically imply i'm a racist because i oppose this healthcare law. >> and it didn't end the, but this is a familiar theme. much more on if you don't like the president it's because you are racist. at 8:00 p.m. on fbn. secretary john kerry clearly behind mexico's president, but what about our marine stuck behind mexican bars? "hashtag love dad" when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp". our aarp tek program helps people find better ways to better connect with each other. find more real possibilities at nowchoose one option fromith red lothe wood-fire grill,trios! one signature shrimp dish, and a pasta. all on one plate.
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>> secretary of state john kerry leaving mexico today but an american veteran stuck in a mexican prison. he is not. andrew tahmooressi says he accidentally drove into mexico with three registered guns. he said he never meant to crosses the border. he is now in jail and going nowhere. congressman scott perry says the mexicans have to do something. secretary kerry we are told did bring the issue up but to no avail. >> we're the number one superpurr -- superpower in the world, at least we think we are, and ought to have a little leverage. bringing the issue up unfortunately this administration and this state department thinks that process is product. we talk but don't do. do hash tags but no action. we negotiate but other countries build their nuclear
1:26 pm
policemans -- >> what would you do here? >> i think we could very strongly seal the border. we know that ten thousand people come across about a month, and they're getting across somehow. the fact that andrew could drive into mexico and not really be sure where he is and that could happen that easily, that's a concern for me and many americans. so i think, number one, we can seal the border and then we can start talking about some financial situations where mexico is really dependent on america, whether it's oil or 0 other trade possibilities. we're talking about a gentleman who wandered in aimlessly and has been caught in this situation. a marine who served his country and now finds himself in prison. the administration and john kerry should do absolutely offering they can to let mexico know this is not acceptable -- >> that i understand. we're told other marines have such i sim lavely wonder --
1:27 pm
similarly wandered in and nothing happened. but do you think it's possible there's anything unusual about this marine? if others were caught in the past, the mexicans have not said that, john kerry has not said that. the mexico president has not implied that. but anything different or unusual here that could justify this guy sitting in a cell? >> i suspect there's always a little more to the story. the fact that he tried to escape once, maybe he has some issues from his time in the combat zone. i get that. this is an american that has been held public outside the country for a mistake, and if they have some other information they ought to relay that to at the american people and the family but we adopt know what's going on. we're pretty sure nothing is going on. man the situation is the mexican government said, you sent thousand weapons into our country, and you're complaining about this guy coming in with
1:28 pm
three. no one has been held accountable on your side for 2,000. why how complaining bat gary with three? >> a very interesting point. are you saying this could be their tit-for-tat? >> it could be. how do you have the moral high ground when you do things like that? bottom line is we have a marine who hasn't done anything wrong, and mexico has not proven he has done anything wrong, and the state department has not informed us there's really more to the story if there is. so why shouldn't we believe this guy's story is true, didn't intend to take the guns in there and is now being held for unreasonable terms. why should be believe anything other than that? no one made a point otherwise. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> just when you think you can't hate the tax man more, find out what it just did with $24 million of your money. and apparents live 100 arrested in not enough because the
1:29 pm
protesters back outside mcdonald's headquarters today. >> we're the ones putting money in their pocket meet and good in ours. i'm here for the long run. if i'm willing to good to jail for this strike, want it to be out here every single protest. i think we'll win!
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grew know all the irs
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stories canner they're legion. this one could surprise even those who are the most jaded among us. the latest goings-on at the internal revenue service. >> this is actual hi first reported yesterday in a weiss in the washington examiner. according to the house ways and means committee the department of treasury reported in 2013 irs workers spend over 520,000 hours working on union activities, and this is all done during their normal working hour time, time that would have theoretically working on activities pertaining their actual job with the irs to the committee says this amounts to irs workers receiving $3.5 million to essentially work on unon activity. >> how was it explained they were doing what was blatantly political stuff? you have to -- when you submit forms for that you can't say what you just said, so how do
1:34 pm
they explain it? >> this is actually illegal. i spoke to someone on the hill and my understanding is the irs has an agreement with the unonnized workers that allow them to use some of this time but this is called unon time and it's allowed under federal law as long as the work is related to conditions of employment, like grievances 0, negotiations or meeting with managements, and the workers have an agreement and work much out a time to have official time. so that happened here and it is something that is legal put is tricky in terms about you hear.this money being spend. what are law mickers going to do? and because it's legal it doesn't seem like there's much they actually can do about it. >> how recent was this? >> this report was from fiscal year 2013. i also spoke to a staffer that
1:35 pm
worked in the house ways and means committee and they said the oversight subcommit he has been looking into this and they requested reports and the department of treasurey gave this information to them. >> is anybody looking at the shop? all right, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> after 100 arrests just yesterday, union, backed protesters back at it again today outside mcdonald's headquarters. to gaiter -- garrett teney. >> organize ares say the protests are probably the biggest yet, with bean 600 and 700 fast-food workers and activityists and union workers from cross the country. the group is calling for a living wage of 15 didn'ts a hour
1:36 pm
for fast-food food -- and the right to organize without retaliation. most workers don't expect to get $15 an hour but hope by pushing for that, they can get closer to the $10 president obama asked congress for. many argue that raising the minimum wage could hurt the economy, protesters say $15 an hour would help many of them get off government assistance. >> i think americans at this point don't want to spend $7 billion a area subdiesing the fast-food industries because these workers are on food stamps and live in homeless shelters. so you're supporting the workers whether or not you want to or not. >> raising the minimum wage could cause companies to cut jobs, and protesters say they're okay with that, saying the best employees should be rewarded for their work. it's not just mas mcdonald's. the group wants all fast-food companies to pay their moneyees
1:37 pm
$15 an hour, but they're hoping by going after the largest fast-food chain in the world, others will fall in line. >> if my next guess is right, it's not just republicans rejecting a 40% wage hike. president bill clinton did as well. michael felton is the man behind this full-page ad. a very different time but maybe you can explain what then bill clinton did because he is a bigged a very cat of a hike in the minimum wage today. >> he was looking at a proposal from the late center ted don't raise the minimum wage by 40%, and he got a memo that said his entire economic team thought that policy would increase unemployment for the least skilled workers and he took a pass. today i think as people hook at another 40% increase in the minimum wage at a time when the economy is a lot weaker than it was back then, it's a very reasonable position to be skeptical of that increase, and maybe it's not a good idea.
1:38 pm
>> a lot of states that are hurting, particularly high unemployment rates, the politicians get an ear or two about forcing higher wages because there aren't enough people working; so they must be able to connect the dots and say if we push this, but we're having trouble enough just finding them jobs of any sort. how does this play out in various swing states? >> well, i think the way it's really playing out in the states right now, we're seeing states stat have taken action to raise their minimum wedge higher, washington state, for instance, which has the highest state minimum wage in the country, also have the highest unemployment rates for young adults, , -- 28, 29, 30%, and the lesson if you push the minimum wage higher, you give employers incentive to find a way to provide the same services
1:39 pm
for lower cost. >> michael, i know you have advertised against what they were saying, but mitt romney and other republicans talked.maybe we should lift the minimum wage. neither rick santorumum nor million million -- mitt romney have spilled out the wage but it should be higher. you don't think wage should good up. >> the lesson is if republicans are looking for someone to listen to them about raising the minimum wage, the cbo said at $10 manipulate -- you might listen to mitt romney or rick santorum, but listen to the experts. >> what these days are saying, republicans have to be very careful, even if the facts back
1:40 pm
what they're saying, they sound callous and the regular man and they're the grey poupon party. and these guys, mitt romney are concerned it makes you look indifferent to young workers, lower income folks and that does nobody any good. >> i say if we're going to have a discussion about raising wages, let's not do it on the other side's terms. do it in the way the evidence says is the best way 0 achieve that. the policies like the earned income tax credit that you can expand upon that some republicans supported. that's a bipartisan issue. we're talking about the minimum wage right now bus it's an election year strategy for the democratic party. so let's discuss about raising wages in the way the evident
1:41 pm
supports instead of replying the game the other side wants to us play. >> another republican said let's quit acting like everyone is spited to something. >> the team that coined the phrase, it's the economy, stupid. a 40% win wage image crease is student, maybe we should be listening to them. >> the east coast got a breather on -- right after sandy. but is all that about to change? could we revisit this? the day we rescued riley was a truly amazing day.
1:42 pm
he was a matted mess in a small cage. so that was our first task, was getting him to wellness. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley. from contractors and doctors to dog sitters and landscapers, you can find it all on angie's list. we found riley at the shelter, and found everything he needed at angie's list.
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attention east-coasters, close the shutters and be prepared to shared, because despite the government forecast today, one particular area has reason to worry. joe? that could be kind of where i'm sitting. >> yeah. we're very concerned about the eastern sea. , and i will be concerned about this until we see the atlanta atlantic go intoing this normal cycle but we put a forecast out for below normal activity but very concerned the will be a lot of in-close attempt this year near the eastern seaboard because we're in a similar cycle to the 1950s.
1:46 pm
and people think this is the worst ever or whatever. we had eight major hurricanes on the east coast in seven years, and five of enemy two years in '54 and '55 and we're very concerned.that possibility this year and every year until we're out of this cycle. >> what does that mean as far as either severe storms or this general summer? >> well, what it means as far as the eastern seaboard is that anything that you see developing close the coast, there's a heightened chance of rapt development, what we call rapid feedback where the storm stands winding up quickly because the water is so warm. in fact it's very similar to the waters off the eastern seaboard in 1954 and 1955. when you see something happen before you say perhaps it's going to happen begin. now that being said, it looks to me like we have another -- i have this ear phone popping out -- we have another summer like last summer, we're terming
1:47 pm
it's garden of eden century where we may have a -- eden summer with a record corn crop, and i don't see the overpowering heat we saw in 2010 through 2012. instead looks like a great summer. the real problem will be the hurricane season, a lack of total storms but what storms that are going to occur could have high impact especially along the eastern seaboard. very concerned it about that. >> you probably -- i'd be remiss if i didn't mention the climate change studies and concerns by the u.n. and those advocating for big spending, even states getting sued by insurance companies because the didn't prepare any climate change defense, where do you stand on this mess? >> i believe strict -- simple my because of the population increase we do need these -- i'm in favor of these reaction centers to the weather but i'd
1:48 pm
be in favor of it without all this rigmarole about climbed -- climate change. i tell people it's happened before. when senator whitehouse says it's the worst ever, i said, there's a radar fence on the east coast because rhode island was getting slammed by so many hurricanes, their senator in 1961, theodore green, supported the radar fixed because he got sick of them coming up the eastern seaboard and we didn't have the type of data to be able to see those things. so yaw have to understand, things were far worse in the 1950s. we're in a similar climate cycle. we'll be coming out of that and then go back to the relatively benign years as far as hurricanes, but that several years off. i've seen it before. if it's the same thing, why not say, well, the same thing can
1:49 pm
happen? >> the ""newsweek" cover" the big freeze to come. >> you'll see that 15 0 years you'll see it again. >> thank you. other years after lbj ushered the great society in, are we just now tapped out in honestly, the off-season isn't really off for me. i've got a lot to do. that's why i got my surface. it's great for watching game film and drawing up plays. it's got onenote, so i can stay on top of my to-do list, which has been absolutely absurd since the big game. with skype, it's just really easy to stay in touch with the kids i work with. alright, russell you are good to go! alright, fellas. alright, russ. back to work! ameriprise asked people a simple question: can you keep your lifestyle in retirement?
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1:53 pm
aid. all well intended then, all bloatedcracies now. i'm way too young to even remember that. this guy was old then, and he remembers it. i kid. art laffer on lbj's dream of a great society that became a nightmare. art of course a brilliant economist. he's like the stephen king of economic treatises. what to you make of this, art? i always think no one faults liberals for good intentions. unfortunately, it's on our dime. when they run out of dimes they keep needing more dimes to keep it going. and i wonder if it there's a lesson the way heng of health care is rolling out right now. what do you think? >> i think it's very much so. a warm heart as you say without a clear eye is absolutely immoral. and just seeing lyndon johnson, honestly, neal, sent shimmers
1:54 pm
down my spine. he did it in detroit, governor romney right there, 1.68 million people back then, now it's less than 700,000 people in detroit. black unemployment rates have gone up, black participating rates have gone down since then. if you look at the u.s. in 1984, we were number one in education in the world of the oscd countries. today we're below average. i mean, lyndon johnson talked about how he was going to create peace. but we all know how that turned oust. the stock market since lyndon johnson took office from '66 to '82, the dow jones declined in real terms at an average annual compound rate of 7.1%. you know, this was the catastrophe in the making, and it just sends shivers down me. it's not even a warmheart. it's not even good intentions. this is politics. >> remember ronald reagan of course he had to counter the accusations by jimmy carter that
1:55 pm
he was heartless, that he was all about ripping foundations of the poor. ronald reagan argued this is all about lifting tu ining opportun less reliance on the government. they countered a lot of republicans fear today they don't want to be on record as saying we're going to tear programs away from the poor. so how do they find a proper middle ground? we're showing medicare. a lot of them like medicare. what do you do? >> let's just go back to jack kennedy. no one would consider him to be heartless. when he said that the best form of well fare is still a good high paying job. growth is the answer to the democrats, to this french guy. growth is the answer to these problems, neal. no american has ever made better off by trying to pull a fellow american down and we're all made better off when any of us are made better off. >> but if you're one of the
1:56 pm
beneficiaries of those programs you are less inclined to support the guy who wants to take them away. >> i don't think that's true. i don't think people are proud to live on well fare. i think they would much rather have a good high paying job. i'm really surprised people in the republicans, romney wanting to raise the minimum wage. that's really anti-poor. i yust don't know why they do it. we all want to raise the wage but not a legal minimum wage. why not have a $30 wage because you have so many people employed and growth is so high. that's what we want. >> art laffer, you might have a future at this economic thing. keep working on it. you'll get somewhere. >> thank you, neil. >> always good to see you. one of the finest minds on this subject. steve case also on this subject.
1:57 pm
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